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If you are looking for the best-smoked food, an offset smoker is the best option for achieving that coveted smoked flavor. The best pit masters have always gone to offset smokers, over pellet, water, box, and barrel smokers. This is because they produce meat that has rich smokey flavor and a great crust on the meat.

Finding the best offset smoker can be challenging as there are many different models out there. However, it is important not to pick the cheapest model from a discount store, as they will not have the proper seal or ventilation to produce the best-smoked foods. Choosing the best offset smoker is important and to do so you have to find the right system for your needs.

What Exactly is an Offset Smoker?

There are many different types of offset smokers, from horizontal to vertical. They were originally made from old oil barrels, which was used as a smoking chamber. A firebox was then attached to the side, offset to be slightly lower than the rest of the smoker.

These smokers come with a chimney connected on the opposite side of the smoker, to draw smoke through the cooking chamber. The flow of smoke and hot air is what makes an offset smoker better than any other smoker on the market.

The best offset smokers allow you to control the exhaust and air intake vents, an open vent will increase the amount of oxygen fueling the fire. It is important to note that you must watch your food when smoking in an offset smoker because the temperature can vary drastically, which could result in food cooking unevenly.

To remedy this, you must rotate your food and manage the airflow. This is especially important in large smokers, as the end of the smoker closest to the firebox will be the hottest and the other end the coolest.

There are many modifications that help the chef to control the temperature on an offset smoker, from a convection plate to using a reverse airflow system, that allow you to leave your food cooking without attending to it.

However, this review will focus on the basic offset smoking model, for more information check out Outdoor Living Dear. For the smoking enthusiast keeping an eye on your meat and fine tuning your craft is all part of the smoking experience, which is why the offset smoker is so popular on the barbecue circuit.

Advantages of Owning an Offset Smoker

Part of the fun in owning an offset smokers is taking the time to tend to the food and to be a part of the cooking process. Plus, it is easy! All you have to know how to do is start a fire and you can use an offset smoker.

Just light the charcoal and bring it to the desired temperature, then add your flavored wood chips, logs, or pellets to the firebox. Put your food on and watch it turn into a mouthwatering masterpiece before your very eyes.

Whether you are a novice barbecuer or a professional chef, they are simple to use. All you have to do is start a fire and keep it lit, rotating your meat from time to time. Altering the air flow vents allows you to control the amount of smoke flavor. This is important as you don’t want to overpower the flavor of the meat entirely.

When purchasing a new offset smoker, consider all the additional feature you would want. Like a storage rack for charcoal or a table for cooking utensils. Some smokers come with a smoking rack, warming box, or drawers to keep wood shavings.

A quality offset smokers will come with a built-in temperature gauge to help you smoke your food, a removable charcoal rack, and a grill grate or two, which in my opinion are must haves. For more information about the best offset smokers see the Barbecue Bible.

Offset Smoker Drawbacks

A quality offset smoker will cost you a bit of money, from a few hundred dollars to many thousands for a custom-built offset smoker. You should expect to spend at least a few hundred on a quality smoker, for good craftsmanship and quality material.

Make sure that your smoker is made from a heavy-duty material like steel, which will provide stability and durability. Porcelain interiors are easier to clean and a removable charcoal rack aids with the cleaning process as well.

It is important to ensure your smoker is built right, as improper seals or bad welds can lead to leaks. Make sure all the lids on the smoking chamber and firebox are sealed properly before you start smoking. Furthermore, ensure that the seal between the firebox and smoker is adequate as well. The best offset smokers will be built to last and will be easy to maintain and use.

You need some patience and a love for smoking, as an offset smoker takes time to use. Just lighting the fire and getting the charcoal to the right temperature can take a long time, in some cases up to an hour. On top of that, you need to constantly check on not only the fire, but you have to rotate your food to ensure it cooks evenly.

No matter how good your offset smoker is the weather will impact its performance, from the rain to the wind. However, they produce the best tasting smoked food of all the smokers on the market, which in my opinion make them worth it. Taking the time to smoke your food right, will have you planning your next big smoke out before you finish your first. It’s an addiction, a delicious addiction!

The Top 5 Offset Smokers out There

1. Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker


Dyna-Glo is very easy to use. With six wire racks that are adjustable, making it easy to cook small portions or large pieces of meat, like turkey or ham. This makes for easy clean up as well, with a porcelain interior that wipes clean in no time. With a simple design, this smoker heats up quickly and allows you to control the temperature to cook perfect meals.


  • This smoker is made to be used outdoors all year long.
  • It can smoke up to 150 pounds of food at once, slow cooking it to perfection.
  • The verticle design sets this smoker apart from the crowd, infusing the food without a lot of smoke.
  • This is a great smoker for those starting out or have mastered the process of smoking.


  • There is one huge flaw with the Dyna-Glo offset smoker, it may leak smoke. This is a major problem, when it comes to a smoker, as you are losing flavor. Do not fear, there is a quick fix for this problem. Find some silicone that is rated for high heat and apply to all the cracks in the smoker. To fix a leaky door, just use a gasket. Problem solved!

2. Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker, Deluxe


The smoker enthusiast will be delighted with the versatility of the Char-Broil, this 3-in-1 machine can cook up a great meal. When smoking it uses indirect cooking through an offset fire box, where the low-heat, smoke, and flavor transforms your food.

The side door gives you easy access to the fire box, to clean out the ashes. This smoker has everything you need, it is mobile, easy to clean, and the temperature gauge allows you to cook food to perfection.


  • The smoker enthusiast will be delighted with the versatility of the Char-Broil, this 3-in-1 machine can cook up a great meal.
  • When smoking it uses indirect cooking through an offset fire box, where the low-heat, smoke, and flavor transforms your food.
  • The side door gives you easy access to the fire box, to clean out the ashes.
  • This smoker has everything you need, it is mobile, easy to clean, and the temperature gauge allows you to cook food to perfection.


  • There are a couple of minor flaws with the Char-Broil smoker. The paint chips and comes off, but this is only cosmetic and does not impact cooking in any way. This smoker is also not as easy to clean as it could be, you may need a brush to get out all the ash. But for the price, these are small issues to deal with.

3. RoyalGourmet 30in Charcoal Grill


Royal Gourmet grill is high quality, with cooking grates made from porcelain steel and a chrome warming rack, it has everything you need to get smoking. This smoker has more than enough room to cook up whatever you are craving, from a large roast to prime ribs. Food is cooked to perfection because of the professional thermometer and air vents that improve air flow, smoking foods evenly.


  • This smoker has a front table to work on and a steel mesh shelf on the bottom for storage.
  • This smoker can fit almost anywhere, from the front deck to a small balcony.
  • It has enough room for a whole meal, from meat to the side vegetables.
  • Cater to a small dinner party with this amazing smoker.


  • Although this smoker is made with quality materials, it has a couple of flaws. Unfortunately, it has a cheap paint job. After using it a couple of times, the paint started peeling off. However, for the price, all the paint could peel off and it would be worth it. This smoker does what it is supposed to do, infusing the food with a lot of smokey flavor. Maybe too much for some people, but I enjoyed the taste!

4. Outdoor Leisure SH36208 Smoke Hollow 40-Inch Barrel

Outdoor-Leisure-SH36208-Smoke-Hollow 40-Inch-Barrel

Outdoor Leisure is a barrel smoker with an offset firebox. This smoker uses either wood or charcoal to cook the food, from vegetables to steak. This is a quality smoker that is built to last. Whether you are an amateur or a veteran chef, this is smoker has everything you need to make a great meal. Which makes it my personal favorite offset smoker.


  • The Porcelain interior makes for easy clean up.
  • Plus, this smoker is large and comes with a front table made from wire mesh and a bottom shelf to store your charcoal.
  • The cooking area on this smoker is 720 square inches, which it tons of room to cook up a good meal.


  • This is a sturdy smoker, which means it is quite heavy and needs two people to construct it. It is also helpful if you get it deliver exactly where you are keeping it. After setting this smoker up, you may notice a few leaks, but just about every offset smoker has them and it should not impact the internal temperature. Most of the heat happens right where the smoker meets the firepit door, this is not uncommon in offset smokers, but can impact the cooking and flavor of your food if not rotated.

5. Outsunny Backyard Charcoal BBQ Grill & Offset Smoker Combo With Wheels

Outsunny-Backyard-Charcoal-BBQ-Grill & Offset-Smoker

The Outsunny smoker and grill is a great way for beginners to learn the ropes or for the chef to master their craft. The two separate openings are great, keeping the grill and smoker accessible. The thermometer is connected to the inside, making it very easy to read and check on your food. Plus, with wooden handles, you don’t have to worry about burning your hands.


  • Enjoy the many great features on this smoker and grill, from the lightweight design making it portable to the many shelves for storage.
  • With two wood shelves on the side and front, and a metal grate you will be able to keep everything you need at hand.


  • This backyard charcoal barbecue has some minor design flaws. Like most smokers, it leaks a bit, especially around the doors. However, on this model, it does not seem to impact the temperature on the inside. This model is the lightest of all the smokers reviewed, which means that it is not as durable so you need to take care of this smoker.


The best offset smoker is the Char-Broil, this 3-in-1 grill, smoker and barbecue is versatile. This heavy-duty model is made from steel and is easy to clean the porcelain interior. The craftsmanship is good on the Char-Broil and there are no leaks. The firebox and smoking chamber are sealed well, making it a high-quality smoker.

This is the best of the best, because it has enough room to cook for everyone in the family, whether you are smoking a large roast or turkey. With all the extra features, from the storage rack to the temperature gauge, smoking will become your new favorite pastime.

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